Top 5 green tea health benefits

Top 5 green tea health benefits

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Green tea is a hot topic in health these days. Research studies are finding more and more green tea health benefits.

Here is an overview of the top five benefits of drinking green tea.

1. Skin Care

Green tea health benefits aren’t just limited to drinking anymore!

Topical creams containing green tea polyphenols could protect against some skin disorders. And, it could also prevent or repair UV damage and reduce scarring.

Because of these discoveries, green tea skin care products have become more and more popular. Manufacturers of cosmetics and even household products are now adding green tea catechins to their products. Read more

2. Hypertension

Everyone feels a sense of relaxation when drinking a cup of tea. This feeling of ease is caused by the catechins, which are most abundant in green tea.

These catechins affect the central nervous system. They bind to specific receptors in the brain that cause relaxation.

So, when you drink green tea, the catechins have a calming effect. Read more

3. Weight Management

Drinking green tea can lower body weight and decrease body fat. However, there are conflicting studies. Read more

It’s important to remember that drinking green tea is not a replacement for a healthy diet. For best results, eat well, exercise, and drink green tea!

Green tea is high in EGCG
Green Tea is high in EGCG

4. Cancer Preventative

Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is being studied extensively for its potential to prevent and/or treat a variety of diseases, including cancer.

Multiple studies show a relationship between drinking green tea and the rate of cancer. Studies report positive effects in the prevention of cancers of the intestinal tract, lung, skin, prostate, and breast.

Because of its cancer suppressing activity, green tea is considered a very suitable dietary agent for the prevention and therapy of cancer.

5. Reduced Cardiovascular Disease

One of the biggest health benefits of green tea may be for people with cardiovascular disease. Catechins from green tea could reduce coronary heart disease.

The catechins in green tea may lower fatty acids and cholesterol in blood lipid levels. And, slow down the oxidation of LDL or bad cholesterol.

Drinking green tea could also reverse endothelial dysfunction in people with coronary heart disease. Even drinking in the short-term.

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