Does green tea help with hypertension?

Does green tea help with hypertension?

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Although there is no direct link to stress and hypertension, it is suggested that if you have high blood pressure you should do things that help to manage stress.

Controlling stress can make a long-term difference in lowering your blood pressure. So taking time out in your day to relax and enjoy a cup of green tea could help*.

So this possible relationship between stress and hypertension brings my next question to mind.

Does green tea help reduce stress levels?

Drinking green tea to reduce stress levels has been going on for much longer than you and I have been around. Both the Chinese and Japanese have used it as a medication to relieve stress and as a mediator for meditation for hundreds of years.

If you’re stressed out, a footbath, some relaxing music and a cup of green tea may be all you need to make it all go away.

How’s it work?

The catechin epigallocatchin gallate (EGCG) is found at high levels in green tea. Also found in green tea is an amino acid called L-Theanine.

Research has shown that drinking green tea results in high levels of EGCG and L-Theanine in your blood and brain, which is what scientists think reduces stress and causes a feeling of relaxation.

So the answer to the question, “Does green tea reduce stress levels?” is both a yes and a no.

Drinking a cup of green tea isn’t going to make the world around you stop and send you into a deep state of relaxation all on its own. Nothing legal or healthy is going to do that for you.

But because EGCG and L-Theanine can break the blood-brain barrier, it has the capability to help bring a feeling of relaxation over you.

Heighten your relaxation

If you are somewhere quiet and you are already relaxing your mind and body, drinking green tea could greatly enhance this feeling. It could help you reach a more relaxed state of mind and reduce your level of stress.

I personally like to have a cup of matcha just before a bath or before I meditate. I find that it helps me to clear my mind and get into a relaxed state much quicker.

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done, but it will all be there for you to conquer after you’ve taken some time out for yourself.

*If you suffer from hypertension, you should consult a doctor before drinking green tea or any other caffeinated drink.


Jamieson, M., & McKinley, H. (2009). Handbook of Green Tea and Health Research. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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