Fast and easy green tea ice cream recipe

Fast and easy green tea ice cream recipe

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On a hot summer day, nothing beats a couple scoops of green tea ice cream.

In Japan, you can get delicious soft serve ice cream mixed with authentic matcha at most green tea shops.

Hard packed ice cream is also available, but easiest to find at the international chains, such as Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs.

Outside a tea shop in Uji, JapanOutside a tea shop in Uji, Japan

Haagen Dazs

Outside of Japan, it can be a little more difficult to find genuine green tea ice cream that uses real Japanese matcha.

If you go to Walmart or your local grocery store, your best bet is Haagen Dazs. I met the manager of a matcha processing plant in Kyoto, Japan who proudly told me he supplied the matcha for Haagen Dazs’ ice cream!

Even though Haagen Dazs uses all natural ingredients, it isn’t for everyone. One scoop of it will set you back 250 calories and 17 grams of fat. And who can have just one scoop?

Baskin Robbins Matcha Ice CreamBaskin Robbins Matcha Ice Cream

Green tea ice cream recipe

There are plenty of recipes online, but most require an ice cream maker. So, I’ve created my own recipe that is fast, easy, and only requires your favorite ice cream and a tin of matcha.

Matcha on ice cream

It’s so simple and delicious! You can use your favorite plain ice cream, whether it’s frozen yogurt, low-fat, full flavor, or soft-serve from McDonald’s or Dairy Queen. Then, sprinkle a teaspoon of matcha on top of the ice cream. You can eat it as is or mix it!

Real matcha

When I’m not in Japan, this is the next best thing. I know I’m getting quality matcha and not some green tea flavoring because it’s straight from the tin! And I can put it on any kind of ice cream. I recommend giving ice cream with matcha a try!

Share your recipe!

Do you have an excellent green tea recipe? Tell us about it!

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