A look at the Charleston Tea Plantation

A look at the Charleston Tea Plantation

On the coast of South Carolina, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the maker of American Classic Tea. Owned by Bigelow tea, it's the only tea plantation in US. ...Read more

Shincha – First Flush Tea

Shincha - first flush tea

Shincha is a rare type of green tea that is only available once a year in the spring. Learn about its qualities, brewing and storage. ...Read more

What is the best water for Green Tea?

What is the best water for green tea?

Does your green tea leave a bad taste in your mouth? Don't throw it out until you try this! Find out the best water for green tea brewing. ...Read more

Experience Premium Japanese Green Tea at Daily Matcha

Experience premium Japanese green tea at Daily Matcha

Take the confusion out of buying Japanese green tea. Daily Matcha offers a simple and cost saving solution with their tea club. Get a new tea each month! ...Read more

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Green Tea Health Benefits

Top 5 green tea health benefits

Drink green tea for your health! Find out all the green tea health benefits including reduced stress levels, weight loss, reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Green Tea Recipes

Green tea recipes - how to use matcha green tea powder

Are you looking for healthy cooking recipes using green tea powder? After trial and error, I’ve put together a list of my favorite green tea recipes.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea for weight loss - does it really work?

Find out why your daily intake of caffeine is so important when drinking green tea for weight loss.

Green Tea Facts

Green tea facts - discover the advantages of green tea

Answer all your questions about green tea with these green tea facts. Find out about caffeine, catechins, tea bags, skin care, side effects, and more!

Green Tea Leaves

Different types of Japanese green tea leaves

Do you know the difference between all the types of green tea leaves? Learn about 7 types of green tea, so you can make the right choice when buying tea.

Green Tea Capsules

Are green tea capsules good for you?

So, you’re thinking about taking green tea capsules? Before you run to the store to buy some pills, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Green Tea Side Effects

4 possible green tea side effects

Are you worried about green tea side effects? If you're sensitive to caffeine or have low iron, it's recommended to drink in-between meals.