Japanese Tea Radiation

Are you worried about Japanese tea and radiation?

Japanese tea and radiation is a delicate topic. There are strong opinions on both sides of the fence. Find out why I’m not worried about radiation in Japanese tea. ...Read more

Pesticides in green tea

Toxic Pesticides in Green Tea from China

How safe is your tea? If it comes from China, you may be getting more than you asked for. Read the shocking truth about pesticides in green tea. ...Read more

obubu tea

Profile - Obubu Tea Farms

Obubu Tea produces around 16 different types of green tea in Wazuka, Japan. They have an online store and offer tea tours, tea internships, and professional tea sessions. ...Read more

Green Tea EGCG

What is EGCG?

What is EGCG? Find out why it is important to you, the best way to get it and how much is too much! Turns out green tea may be your best source! ...Read more

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Green Tea Leaves

Different types of Japanese green tea leaves

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Are green tea capsules good for you?

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Green Tea Side Effects

4 possible green tea side effects

Are you worried about green tea side effects? If you're sensitive to caffeine or have low iron, it's recommended to drink in-between meals.