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We love green tea! Hi, we’re Becki and Shawn, and this site is dedicated to sharing our knowledge about this wonderful health drink. 

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We're very interested in the health benefits of tea, but we don't believe just anything we read. There are some wild claims out there! We thoroughly research the topics of all of our articles to bring you the facts. We've also listed the sources so you can look at the original research studies.

What is Green Tea?

You probably know from experience that it's really hard to get a clear answer to this simple question. There are tons of websites out there but most give general information or even worse, wrong information.

Well, since we live in Japan, we've decided to do some “on the ground” research of our own. We've traveled all over Japan visiting tea farmers and tea manufacturers. We've also turned to research journals to get scientific information.

Throughout our 10 years of living in Japan, we've been asked many questions about Japanese tea. Now, with green tea becoming more popular, we've decided to share our knowledge online. We hope everyone can benefit from this website and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Picking tea in Shizuoka, Japan

A Very Brief History

Green tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant, and it has been the original health drink for a very long time. The Chinese and Japanese have been drinking it for the past thousand years and have developed quite a culture around it. 

Tea was originally used in China as a medication. It was often prescribed to increase alertness and to help people with depression, digestive problems, and nervousness.

Somewhere around the 900’s it became a drink of pleasure rather than just medicine, and so began the culture of the tea ceremony.

Tea plants were introduced to Japan about 700 years ago. Although the leaves come from the same type of plant, Japanese teas have a substantially different flavor than Chinese teas.

This is mainly because of the difference in growing conditions and the way the leaves are processed. Because of their rich aroma, bright green color, and distinct flavor, Japanese teas, such as sencha and matcha, are becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

More Information

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